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StyleKorean Haul!

Hello everyone!

I ordered some stuff from StyleKorean’s website for the first time not too long ago, and so I thought I’d share what I ordered with you!

First of all, StyleKorean’s website was pretty easy to use and the prices I found to all be very reasonable. The only thing that was not as great was the shipping price, but honestly it wasn’t too bad, considering that they are shipping these products all the way from Korea. However, if you live in the US, currently they are doing free shipping with orders over $70, which is awesome! And everything was packaged very nicely and securely, so I know I will order from them again in the future.

Onto the haul!

The first thing I got was these adorable Tony Moly X Pokemon Sheet Masks!! I had been wanting to try them and I was so glad that they had them in stock, since everywhere else I looked only had the rest of the make up or skincare from this collection.

I can’t wait to try these!

Next I got two items from Innisfree’s Green Tea line.

I got another Green Tea Seed Serum, which I love since I ran out, and I decided to also try the Green Tea Moisture Skin (Toner, I got the one for dry skin). I picked this up because Clinique recently discontinued the toner I usually use, so I wanted to find a suitable replacement. I love the serum, so I figured the toner would be a safe choice.

Since I mentioned my toner I currently use got discontinued, I also decided to pick up the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential (weird name, haha).

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very impressed with the packaging! It comes in a glass bottle and with a bunch of cotton pads, which is why it’s more of a toner than a serum.

The last item I got is actually another repurchase!

I got the Memebox I’m Eyebrow Pencil in 04 Light Brown, which is my favorite eyebrow pencil I’ve used so far. I bought it from StyleKorean’s website however, because Memebox USA didn’t have it on their website anymore. šŸ™ But I’m super happy that I was able to get it again! It really is my favorite because of the shape and color make it really easy to use.

So that’s it for my first haul from StyleKorean! Have you ever bought anything from their website? Let me know in the comments!


Products I’ve Used Up #3

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you the massive amount of stuff I’ve used up since last time I did one of these posts almost 7 months ago.


I’ve been trying to make sure I use up a lot of the items I have open, in particular skin care. And with that, I’ll show you what I’ve used up!

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Memebox K-drama Makeup Box Vol. 3 Unboxing

Hello everyone!

This post has been a long time coming, but I’m finally going to show you what was in the K-drama box from October! I had purchased it for my mom to give it to me as a Christmas gift a long time ago, but now I am finally able to show you guys!

They do update this box from time to time, so if you purchase this now, the contents won’t be exactly the same. It will be a good deal though!

K-drama Makeup Box vol.3

Onto what was inside!

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March 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe March is already at it’s end! Every month seems to go by faster and faster, haha. I have a few things I’ve been loving this month that I’d love to share with you!


Beauty Favorites:

The first favorite this month is the Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Palette. This as a limited edition release for Etude House’s Spring 2013 collection (I believe). I recently have been wanting to wear makeup that doesn’t require any fuss, and this is perfect! It has 3 shades of matte brown, all of which have a smooth, buttery texture. I really love using the lightest shade all over my lid as it is dark enough to add a little definition without being too strong.


It’s also in the shape of a chocolate bar! I love that the most, haha! I forgot how much I liked this when I first bought it!

My next favorite is the Pony X Memebox Easy Mix Block Blush.


I’ve really been enjoying this recently because it’s a very subtle color that looks great on my skin tone (I’m ridiculously pale). Because of that, it’s been really great for everyday! It also has this really pleasant floral scent to it, kind of like the sent of the Benefit boxed blushes. However, because it’s so light, I’m not sure that this would look good on people with darker skin tones.

I also have been loving the Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in the shade #05 Grey Brown that I bought not too long ago.


I was worried about the color being to dark for me, but I shouldn’t have been! The color is perfect! It lasts all day and the spoolie is very helpful for blending out the product to a nice, natural finish. I use it everyday!

And my last beauty favorite is the Memebox I’m Tint Balm in the shade #01 True red, which I recently reviewed here. I just found myself reaching for it all the time this month and I love using it!


Fashion Favorites:

These American Eagle shorts!

image (2)

For some reason I put off buying a new pair of denim shorts, even though my old pair did not fit me at all anymore, but this month I finally got a new pair! They’re very comfortable (the material is stretchy) and the wash I got goes with everything! They’ll be great to have this summer as it’s already getting pretty hot where I live, so I see myself wearing them constantly.

I have been wearing them a lot this month already, usually with tights when the days are cooler and on days I go to school (since my legs need to be covered in the lab). I’m really happy I bought them!

That’s it for this past month! What have your favorites been? Let me know in the comments!

Skinfood Haul!

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I made my way to one of the few Skinfood stores in my area (it took a long time to get there!) because I was really curious what a stand alone store would have in stock, versus what’s available online. Since I know it’ll be a while before I go visit that store again, I picked up a few things to try!


I got three sheet masks to try out: The green tea one, the broccoli one, ($2 each) which said it was great for sensitive skin, and the Thermal Water gel mask ($2.50)!


I also picked up some new tweezers cause mine were becoming dull ($1.80). They’re made of stainless steel and hopefully will work well!


I bought a shea butter hand lotion ($5) since I recently used up two other hand creams and I always need some, haha.


The last item I got was the Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in #5 ($5). the shade is called gray-brown in Korean, so hopefully it will work for me! I think it shouldn’t be too dark, haha.


The store employee also gave me a bunch of freebies! They are all sample sized products from the Royal Honey skincare range. It included a sachet of the Royal Honey Hydro Essence, a sachet of the Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask, and small bottles of the Royal Honey toner and emulsion! I’m really excited to try these out!


That’s all that I picked up from the Skinfood store! Have you ever been to one of their stores or tried anything from the brand? Is there anything you’s recommend trying? Let me know in the comments!