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Style Korean Haul 2: Lovely in Spring Beauty Box “Unboxing”

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you my second haul from Style Korean. I saw that they were doing some pre-made beauty boxes (similar to what Memebox does) and it had a few items I’ve been dying to try, so I decided to make another order!

I got the “Lovely in Spring” Box and a few other things. Now to the “unboxing!” It didn’t come in a separate box from the rest of my purchases, but everything was packaged together very well.

So the box came with 6 different items:

First is one of the items I had already wanted to purchase, and it’s the Labiotte’s Chateau Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Palette in #02 Sweet Wine.

So far I really love it! It’s got really beautiful shades and the packaging is nice and lightweight.

Next is the COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. I’m really excited to try this because I really love sheet masks with honey, so I’m hoping I’ll like this too!

The next product is another one I’ve been wanting to try. It’s Heimish’s All Clean Balm, which is a solid balm cleanser.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m really excited to!

The last skincare item is a set of 10 Mediheal N.W.F. Aquaring Ampoule Masks. I love sheet masks, so I was really excited that this was included in the box! Can’t wait to try these too!

The next item is a lip product from the brand Chica Y Chico. It’s their Mat Fix Matte Lip in 001 Mata Hari, a really pretty red shade. I haven’t tried it yet, but the curved applicator makes it look like it’ll be easy to apply!

And the last item from the box was something I was very interested in trying! It’s the Aprilskin Black Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 in the shade #21 Light Beige.

After trying the pikachu one from Tony Moly, I really wanted to try other cushion foundations! So I am anxious to try this one out too!

Items I bought outside of the box:

I got two other items during this order, the first being some replacement rubycell air puffs because my dog had gotten ahold of my other ones somehow and chewed them to bits, haha. I decided to go with these Heimish ones since they came in a pack of 5, which is more convenient for me.

They last item I purchased was Etude House’s Play 101 Blending Pencil in #7, which is a pretty dusty pink color. This was a bit of an impulse buy, but I don’t regret it! It’s such a pretty color!

And the last item that was in my order (shown in the full photo at the top of the post) was a free sample of Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Skin (Toner), which I have yet to try.

So that’s it for my haul guys! Have yo ordered from Style Korean before? Let me know in the comments!


Pokemon X Tony Moly Haul!

Hello everyone!

Recently, Tony Moly collaborated with Pokemon to create a makeup and skincare collection! And because I love Pokemon so much, I couldn’t help but want to purchase a lot of items, haha.

But the first item I bought wasn’t from this collection. I bought Etude House’s Beauty Shot Face Blur cause I’ve been dying to try it!

So I figured I’d pick it up since I was already buying other things, haha.

But anyways, onto the Tony Moly Haul!

The first thing I was interested in buying was this adorable Pikachu Eyeshadow Palette!

I love that Pikachu is on the outside, and the colors are nice, neutral browns that are great for everyday. I’ve been using it quite a bit since I got it, and the eyeshadows are really good quality! There very pigmented and smooth! This collection also has a Jigglypuff version with rosy brown shades, and now I’m super tempted to buy that one too, lol.

The next item I bought was this Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion in #01 Skin Beige.

This is actually my first cushion foundation, and so I thought it was great that it’s a smaller size, just in case I don’t wear it often (as I don’t always wear base makeup). I still haven’t tried this yet, but I’m planning on trying it this weekend! So excited!

Since many reviews of the cushion mentioned that it was really dewy, I figured I’d might as well get the adorable Purin (Jigglypuff) Peach Pact in #01 Downy Vanilla.

I love how Jigglypuff is imprinted on the powder! This is another product I haven’t tried yet, so I can’t really say if I like it yet, but I can’t wait to try it too!

I also bought a few things from their skincare line. The first thing I got was this Pikachu Moisture Foam Cleanser.

Again, I haven’t tried this yet because I just opened another cleanser, but I couldn’t resist the Pikachu packaging!! So adorable!

The last thing I bought for myself was the Isanghesshi (Bulbasaur) Hand Cream. I didn’t take any close up photos of this because I also bought another cream for my sister for her Christmas stocking, so if I like it I’ll do a review post after I try it!

And the last thing I received was a bunch of Tony Moly samples! I got 3 different hand creams/hand milks to try and then this mysterious men’s skincare product that I don’t really know what it’s for, haha. Maybe it’s like a serum/toner?

But anyways, that’s it for my haul! Have you bought anything from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

June 2016 Favorites!

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while, but today I’m going to share with you my favorite things from this past month! Let’s get started!

June Favs 2016

Beauty Favorites:

My first favorite is the Etude House Royal Jelly Sheet Mask.

June Favs 2016 2

I bought a pack of these when I had a layover in Korea last year, and I’ve loved them since then! But this month in particular these have been working really well for me, since my skin has been a little more sensitive. It’s super soothing and gentle, and my skin always feels a lot better after using it. I definitely have to get more once I run out of these!

My next favorite is a sunscreen I purchased recently to use on my body. It’s the Naris Up Parasola Essence In UV Cut Gel (SPF 50+/PA++++).

June Favs 2016 3

I was interested in trying a new sunscreen to use on my body on the days when I won’t be in the sun too much, and this sunscreen is totally perfect for that! What I really love about it is the texture; it’s like a milky gel (hence the name) that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky film behind, which is one of the things I dislike the most about other sunscreens. It also has a very pleasant scent as well, which is very light and not noticeable after a few minutes.

My last beauty favorite is also a skincare product, and it’s a travel sized version of the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack!

June Favs 2016 4

I’ve heard so many good things about Laneige, so I’ve been wanting to try them for a while. Luckily, my Target had this travel size trial kit, which included this amazing sleeping pack! It smells really good, but doesn’t irritate my skin, which is awesome. But the best thing about this is that my skin truly feels more hydrated after using this! It goes on with a pleasant cooling sensation and dries down eventually, meaning it’s not getting all over my pillow too! I used this when my skin had both a sunburn and was super dry because of the wind, and it felt so amazing and really helped to calm down the redness. I highly recommend it and will definitely buy the full size when I run out!

Non-beauty Favorites:

My first non-beauty favorite for this past month has been these Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps!

June Favs 2016 5

They’re the first pair of shoes I bought from Liz Lisa, and I could not be happier with them! Not only does the L or Large size fit me perfectly, these shoes are also super comfortable and I just want to wear them all the time! So lately on the weekends I find ways to wear these, since I can’t wear them to the lab, haha.

My last favorite for this month is actually a collection of podcasts that are all run by How Stuff Works. I love listening to these podcasts when I’m working in the lab or at the gym! In particular, I love the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast, which is the one I first started listening to.

But I also listen to many of their other podcasts, such as Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know, Stuff You Should Know, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind. I really do recommend these if you do a lot of work in a lab or similar environment because they make repetitive work much more fun! I also made sure to include a link to all of these podcasts in case anyone is interested!

So that’s it for my favorites this month! What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

Jolse Cosmetics Haul

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to share what I bought from Jolse Cosmetics. I heard about this website through YouTube quite a while ago, but I hadn’t bought anything until recently.

I’m pretty happy with my experience ordering from them as there weren’t any issues or anything. I’ll probably use them in the future for other orders too!

Jolse Haul 1

Now onto the haul!

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2015 Favorites!

Hello everyone!

My goodness time has just flown by! I can’t believe it’s already 2016! Anyone make any New Years resolutions? Mine is to blog more often!

Speaking of blogging more often, today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite products for the whole year of 2015. I really tried to limit how much I picked, cause otherwise I would be here all day! A lot of these will be familiar to you guys already, but I feel like it’s worth bringing up why I like them so much, haha.

On to the favorites!

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August 2015 Favorites!

It’s already the end of August! I can’t believe how much faster each day seems to go!


I have a few favorites to share with you guys this month!

Beauty Favorites:


My first favorite is this eyeshadow (on the right in the photo) from Inglot! It’s the AMC Eyeshadow Shine Square number 154 (what a mouthful!) and is this really beautiful, almost metallic golden bronze color. I’ve had this shadow for quite a while and I’ve noticed that it’s become my perfect go-to shade when I don’t know what I want to wear.

The texture of this shadow is really buttery and smooth, and is probably one of the longest-wearing shadows I have in my collection! It lasts upwards of 9 hours without creasing (with eyeshadow primer, cause nothing lasts on me without it), which is pretty amazing!


My next favorite is once again, my Naked Basics palette! I know I’ve talked about it time and time again so I won’t go into too much detail here, but I really love it so much! I really do use it every day and I can’t imagine not having it in my makeup collection!


Another favorite of mine is the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in 06 Grapefruit Jelly, which I bought in the airport in Korea! This color is just so pretty and perfect for everyday. It’s also great quality for the price, so if you’ve been looking for a great quality blush but don’t have a large budget, I really recommend this!

Non-beauty Favorites:

Still loving my tablet, but I’ve also been really loving a Kpop group this month!

I had listened to songs by Got7  before, but this month I got really into them! Their newest single “Just Right” made me notice them again and now I can’t stop listening, haha. I highly recommend checking them out! I recommend “Just Right,” “A,” “Girls Girls Girls,” and “I Like You.”

That’s it for my favorites this past month! What have you guys been enjoying? Let me know in the comments below!

June/July 2015 Favorites!

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorites from the past two months (as I wasn’t able to do a favorites post for June). However, I feel like there aren’t that many this time around, haha.

Beauty Favorites:

My first favorite is the Etude House Dreaming Swan Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipstick in the shade PP502 Releve Purple.


I bought a few things from the Dreaming Swan collection and I have to say, this is my favorite! It’s such a beautiful pinky-purple shade and I don’t have anything quite like it! It looks very flattering on my skintone (which is probably an NC/NW 15 or so, never tried MAC foundation) and I wore it almost everyday before I went on my trip at the end of June!

It’s a little on the drier side, but I actually like that. It seems to last longer on my lips that way.

My next favorite is something I bought while I was in Japan! It’s the Kate Tokyo Brown Shade Eyes in the shade BR-2.


This eyeshadow palette is awesome! The shadows are so smooth and buttery and the pigmentation is fantastic! I definitely recommend picking this up if you can, cause the quality is great for what you pay.

I use this palette quite a bit and I’ve found that it’s great for travel cause of its small size. Love it!

My last beauty favorite is the Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm! I’ve had this in my favorites before, but it’s worth mentioning again!


It’s so moisturizing and just so handy to carry around! It goes with every look and I can use it whenever I’m too lazy to go look for a mirror to reapply whatever lipstick I’m wearing for the day. It also helps that it smells amazing too. I have no idea what it’s supposed to smell like, but I love it!

Non-beauty Favorites:

Since I was traveling for long periods of time recently, I really wanted to be able to read a lot. However, books are really heavy, so I decided to commandeer my parent’s LG Tab, haha. And it was awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never wanted to try this out before!


It was definitely a great decision, cause my next favorite in this category is one of the books I started reading while traveling!

It’s the Mistborn trilogy by Brian Sanderson. Reading this helped me remember how awesome it is to read for fun! It’s inspired me to read for fun more often, haha. And of course the story is really great too! I’ve read the first book and part of the second already.

So that’s it for my favorites this time around! What have you been loving? Let me know in the comments!

Update and Travel Haul!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently! I was actually on vacation, so I couldn’t update this blog very easily. Internet was kind of spotty, haha. But I’m back now! I went to Japan and then Thailand with a layover in Korea; and I bought a lot of stuff! However, it’ll be only the beauty stuff as most of what I bought was souvenirs for my family.


I’m splitting this into two groups, things I bought in Japan, and things I bought during our layover in South Korea on the trip back home!

Stuff I bought in Japan:


So the first thing I went looking for was the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse sunscreen. I love it to death and really wanted to stock up on it. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere! I checked so many stores and it was always sold out. There was a little empty space where the product should be. 🙁 So instead, I bought this!


This is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen. They both have the same SPF rating, so I thought I’d give this a shot. (I’m really hoping the other one isn’t going to be discontinued…)


The next thing I bought were some My Beauty Diary Sheet masks. This is just a small pack of two in the Black Pearl type. I’ve been wanting to try these and this 2 pack was super affordable!


I also bought some makeup while I was in Japan. The first thing I bought was the Kate Tokyo Brown Shade Eyes eyeshadow palette in the shade BR-2. I’ve used it already and I can tell you I love it!! The shades work really well together and I love that one shadow is matte! I might want to pick up more of these, haha.


The last two makeup items I bought were from Canmake, a brand I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. I got the Glow Fleur Highlighter in the shade #01, Planet Light. Isn’t the design adorable?! Can’t wait to use it!


The other thing I got from Canmake is the Your Lip Only Gloss in the shade #01, which doesn’t have sparkles like #02. This is supposed to be a dupe for the Givenchy Revelateur lip gloss, which both go from clear to a pretty shade of pink on your lips! I’m excited to try this out!

Stuff I bought in Korea:


First of all, I bought a lot of Etude House products, haha.


I bought the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in the shade #06, Grapefruit Jelly. Isn’t this so cute! I have been wanting to buy this ever since I saw Pony use it because it looked like the perfect every day blush, so I’m excited to start using it!


I also bought another Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in the shade PK002. I already own the shade OR201 (a nice peachy shade) and I love it, so I decided to pick up another color!


Next I bought the Etude House Play 101 pencil in the shade #5, which is a pretty champagne glitter pencil. I thought this would be great for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes, and so far I’m really liking it!


The last thing I bought from Etude House was this pack of I Need You Masks in the Royal Jelly type. I’ve been wanting to try the face masks from them for quite a while now, and so I thought I’d give these a shot!


And the very last thing I bought in Korea is the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. I’ve heard about this serum a ton, so I thought I’d give it a try! People always say such great stuff about it, so I’m really excited to use it. Gotta use up some other stuff first before I open this though, haha.


Since I bought so much, I also got some free samples! All of them were from Etude House. I got the I Need You Mask in the Mugwort type, a sachet of the Precious Mineral BB Cream in the Perfect Fit type and two of the Precious Mineral BB Cream in the Blooming Fit type (both in the shade W13).

That’s it for my haul guys! I kinda went a little nuts, haha. Is there anything I bought that you guys want to try or have tried before? Let me know in the comments!

April 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you what my favorites have been this month. I haven’t posted on here very much as life has been quite busy, but I still have a few things to show you! However, some of them you may have heard of before since I’ve been loving the same things recently, haha.


My Beauty Favorites:


The first thing is actually two products I love to use together! It’s the Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint in the shade OR201 Peach, layered with the Dior Lip Glow in 01 on top. I love how these look together! They create this beautiful, shiny, peachy-pink color that’s very flattering on me! The Dior Lip Glow also helps my lips stay moisturized, as the Etude House lip tint can be a tad drying.


The next item is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I know this has been in my favorites before, but I truly love it! I use it every single day and the shadows are a great compliment to all of the other shadows in my makeup collection. And of course, as with all the shadows from Urban Decay, these have great pigmentation! Definitely will but this palette again once the shadows run out!


I’m also still loving the Shara Shara Lemon Honey All-In-One Cream! It just feels so great on the skin and soaks in so easily! I want to buy this one again for sure!

My Non-Beauty Favorites:


My Moleskine weekly planner! This thing has kept me so organized when it’s been so hectic this past month, it’s wonderful!  I love how there is space to write notes on each day and space on the right for general notes. I feel like keeping a planner (of any kind) if super helpful for graduate school. It keeps me from forgetting due dates for assignments, which is what would have happened if I hadn’t been writing them down in here.

That’s it for my favorites for April! What have you been loving? Let me know in the comments!


The Lip Product Addict Tag


I first saw this tag on Essiebutton’s YouTube channel, and then I saw it in blog format on Beautyholics Anonymous, which made me want to try it in blog format too!


Of all of the makeup I buy, most of it is either eyeshadow or lip products, so I thought this tag would be perfect! On to the questions!

Favorite Balm/Lip Treatment


Definitely the Original Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I’ve been using this for years and even when I try others, I make sure to have this one with me at all times. Some people might not enjoy the minty scent, but I really love it! And I like the thickness of it too. It doesn’t wear off as easily, so I don’t have to apply it constantly.

Best Eye-Catching Red


I don’t actually own many reds, but I really love this one! It’s the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade number 111, Kiss of Life. I feel like this is flattering on my skin tone, which is lucky because I hadn’t tried reds before this, haha. It smells really good too, like watermelon candy!

Best Luxury and Best Drugstore Lip Product

Best Drugstore:

I couldn’t decide between them, so I split them by region!


Korean: The Etude House lip tints! These are amazing and so affordable! I want to buy all of the shades! They do get a little drying (but I feel all lip tints do), but I reach for them constantly!


American: The Revlon Lip Butters! I know not everyone loves these, but I am someone who does! They feel so creamy and moisturizing on the lips and they have a great selection of shades. My favorite is the hot pink one called sorbet!

Best Luxury:


I’ll be honest and say that I don’t own too many luxury lip products. I tend to buy ones from the drugstore more often since it’s not too expensive if I want more than one color, haha. However, I love this Dior Fluidstick! I have the shade 575 Wonderland, and it’s this amazing red-pink color! It’s extremely pigmented, smells good, has shine, and lasts for around 4 to 5 hours without eating. I will say they are pretty expensive, so I don’t know if I’ll buy another shade. This one just really grabbed my attention!

Best Mac Lipstick


This one is really easy for me, seeing as I only have one Mac lipstick in my collection. It’s a limited edition shade that’s currently being re-promoted (I think) called No Faux Pas. It’s such a beautiful matte fuchsia that I feel will look flattering on almost all skintones. I swatched it one and fell in love, haha.

The Most Disappointing Lip Product


I have three products I really couldn’t choose between, however due to the hype around it, I would say Benefit’s Benetint has been the most for me.

This color is so beautiful, but It just doesn’t last on my lips! It goes away within an hour, which is the opposite of what a lip tint should do. I have a Tony Moly lip tint that’s about the same color and it lasts way longer for being only about $3. So glad I didn’t buy the full size, as this came in a set with some other products.


I’m also disappointed in the ddung lipstick from the F/W Natural Makeup Memebox. It’s been kind of hard to work with and I dropped it the other day and it got really beat up and broke. Not the best lipstick in my opinion. I think I liked it more before.


The Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid in Shocking Coral was also a bit of a disappointment for me. I love the color and it looks great on, but I can’t stand the taste and smell! It smalls just like playdoh and tastes salty! Not very happy.

Lipliner- Yes or No?

Not much to say about this one, since I don’t own any lipliners. I’m willing to try one though!

The Best Lip Gloss


I would have to say my favorite lip gloss is the Maybelline Color Elixirs! These have a really nice plush feel to them and they last around 4 hours, which is great for a lip gloss! However, they are on the thicker side, so if you don’t enjoy that you probably won’t like these. But the pigmentation is really great for a lipgloss! And they’re super shiny too! So when I’m in the mood to wear a lip gloss, I typically go for one of these, haha. It also reminds me of the Dior Fluidsticks too, so if that’s not in your budget, I’d give this a try first!

Something Extra


I love bright lip colors! I gravitate to them like bees do to flowers, haha. I love how they can take a simple look up a notch and they just make me happy to look at! Honestly that’s why I wear them all the time, haha.

That’s it for the Lip Product Addict Tag! What did you think of it? What are some of your favorite lip products? I would love to see your answers to this tag in a blog post or the comments!