Skinfood Haul!

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I made my way to one of the few Skinfood stores in my area (it took a long time to get there!) because I was really curious what a stand alone store would have in stock, versus what’s available online. Since I know it’ll be a while before I go visit that store again, I picked up a few things to try!


I got three sheet masks to try out: The green tea one, the broccoli one, ($2 each) which said it was great for sensitive skin, and the Thermal Water gel mask ($2.50)!


I also picked up some new tweezers cause mine were becoming dull ($1.80). They’re made of stainless steel and hopefully will work well!


I bought a shea butter hand lotion ($5) since I recently used up two other hand creams and I always need some, haha.


The last item I got was the Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in #5 ($5). the shade is called gray-brown in Korean, so hopefully it will work for me! I think it shouldn’t be too dark, haha.


The store employee also gave me a bunch of freebies! They are all sample sized products from the Royal Honey skincare range. It included a sachet of the Royal Honey Hydro Essence, a sachet of the Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask, and small bottles of the Royal Honey toner and emulsion! I’m really excited to try these out!


That’s all that I picked up from the Skinfood store! Have you ever been to one of their stores or tried anything from the brand? Is there anything you’s recommend trying? Let me know in the comments!