Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette Review and Swatches


Today I’m going to review the Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette that I received in the Pony Box and was part of my February favorites.


This eyeshadow has 6 shades of eyeshadow at 1g each, 1 shadow at 2g (Shine Peach), and 1 shadow at 1.8g (Glam Bronze). It also comes with a double sided brush with bristles at one end and a small sponge at the other. It can be purchased for $22 at Memebox.com here.


There are 4 shine shades (glitters) and 4 glam shades (shimmers). The shine shades have small microglitters and although they aren’t powdery, there is some fallout because of the glitter. The glam shades have a really nice smooth texture and I didn’t notice any fallout with them. Some shades (Shine Peach, Shine Dew, Shine Beige) are really sheer, and the rest of the shades aren’t super pigmented (like say, Urban Decay’s shadows are), but I feel like that makes them really easy to work with when you’re a beginner at applying eye shadow.

The brush that comes with this palette is also really nice! The bristle end is great for all over the lid and the sponge end is great for lining the lashline or placing shadow under the eyes. I use the sponge to put the lighter colors in my inner corners as a highlight as well.

On to the swatches!


From left to right: Shine Peach, Glam Violet, Shine Rose, Shine Beige


From left to right: Shine Dew, Glam Mocha, Glam Choco, Glam Bronze

Sorry if some of the shades are difficult to see! They  are sheer and blend in with my skin really well. The lighting was giving me trouble too.

I would say my favorite shade is Glam Bronze. It’s just a really great everyday shade as it adds definition and isn’t too dark for daytime. I’m really glad that it’s one of the bigger sized pans!

One of the downsides of this palette is how glittery it is. If you don’t like glitter, I don’t recommend picking it up.

The Verdict: I am so glad I picked this up! I’ve really been enjoying using this and I think it’s perfect for spring! I even have made a tutorial using (mostly) this palette because I was so excited! So if you like glitter like me, I really recommend picking this up!

So, have you guys tried this palette? Are you interested in trying it out? Let me know in the comments!