Memebox K-drama Makeup Box Vol. 3 Unboxing

Hello everyone!

This post has been a long time coming, but I’m finally going to show you what was in the K-drama box from October! I had purchased it for my mom to give it to me as a Christmas gift a long time ago, but now I am finally able to show you guys!

They do update this box from time to time, so if you purchase this now, the contents won’t be exactly the same. It will be a good deal though!

K-drama Makeup Box vol.3

Onto what was inside!

So the first thing that came in the box was a set of 5 Meme Puffs ($5).

Meme Puffs

These are Memebox’s version of the air cushions that come with cushion foundations. I’ve never tried these before, so I was excited that they were included. So far I’m really liking them!

The next thing is the Soyoung X Memebox I Wish Lovely Concealer in #01 Beige ($11).

Soyoung Concealer 1Soyoung Concealer 2

This a concealer that is from a collaboration between Memebox and the Korean YouTuber named Soyoung! It’s been out for a while, but I’m glad it was in this set cause I’ve been wanting to try it! I’ve been using it and it matches my skin really well, which is great, cause I’m super pale, haha.

Next is the I’m Eyebrow Pencil in #BP004 Light Brown ($9).

I'm Eyebrow 1I'm Eyebrow 2

I was really glad they included a light shade in this box, because in the past I’ve hesitated to buy a box cause I knew the eyebrow pencil wouldn’t work for me, haha. But this is perfect! I’ve already started using it and I’m so happy with the color!

This box also included two of the new I’m Eyeshadow single shadows in the shades #PG308 Gemstone and #PB302 Peony Coral ($12 ea.).

I'm Eyeshadows 1I'm Eyeshadows 2

Both are such pretty colors, with Gemstone (top) being a shimmery rose gold and Peony Coral (bottom) is a matte color shade. Memebox even recommends using these on your face, with Gemstone as a highlight and Peony Coral as a blush!

The next item is actually a brush! This was was randomly selected from 3 different kinds, and my box had the I’m Eyeshadow Point Brush ($11).

I'm Eyeshadow Point Brush

The bristles on this are super soft! It really makes me want to try other brushes in this range!

I also received the I’m Lipstick in #BC012 Notting Hill ($16).

I'm Lipstick 1I'm Lipstick 2I'm Lipstick 3

Unfortunately the tip of this got squashed in the cap during shipping, but overall it’s fine! This is a pretty peachy nude shade that should be perfect when wearing a natural or dramatic eye look!

The last two items in this box are two shades of the I’m Lip Liquid ($16).

I'm Lip Liquids 1I'm Lip Liquids 2

The shades are #PK603 and #RD600. PK603 is a beautiful hot pink, while RD600 is a classic shade of red. These are so pigmented! So I’ll definitely have to do swatches and a review of these sometime soon, lol.

So that’s all that was in the box! I would say it was a great deal for the price, as it was only $35 dollars, but the products inside are worth $108! I’m really happy with this box, haha.

Did any of you guys purchase this box? Did you try a different version? Let me know in the comments!