Jolse Cosmetics Haul

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to share what I bought from Jolse Cosmetics. I heard about this website through YouTube quite a while ago, but I hadn’t bought anything until recently.

I’m pretty happy with my experience ordering from them as there weren’t any issues or anything. I’ll probably use them in the future for other orders too!

Jolse Haul 1

Now onto the haul!

First, I bought a few things from the brand Innisfree.

Jolse Haul 2

I bought was another bottle of the Green Tea Seed Serum, since I had run out of the one I bought in Incheon Airport last summer. I loved it so much I decided to repurchase it!

Jolse Haul 3

There wasn’t a huge markup on the price of this, which was nice because I’ve seen markups of $5 more on other websites. It was actually very close to the retail price!

The next product I bought was their Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil.

Jolse Haul 4

I had actually received a sample packet of this a long time ago that I remembered loving, so I decided to go for it and buy the full size, since I was really interesting in using a cleansing oil. And this one smells so good! Like apple life savers, haha.

The last thing I got from Innisfree was this Peach Hand Cream.

Jolse Haul 5

I’ve already started using it and I really like it! The scent is very mild and the cream is not sticky at all, so I like keeping it in my bag to use during the day.

The last two things I bought were from Etude House.

Jolse Haul 6

Since I needed a new mascara, I decided to try the Berry Delicious Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara in Strawberry Choco Fondue.

Jolse Haul 7

I was super excited because this color isn’t the typical black mascara. It’s more of a reddish brown that looks maroon in the sunlight! It’s a fun mascara, haha.

Jolse Haul 8

The next thing I got were just some travel containers. I might pick up the jar style ones as well, but I needed these for when I travel, haha. And they’re super cute and affordable!

And since a K-beauty order is not complete without free samples, these are all of the samples I received!

Jolse Haul 9

I was actually really surprised by the sheer volume of them, haha. The nose strip and the face mask you get from buying over a certain amount of products, but I had no idea they would give so many small sachets! I’m really excited to give these a try!

So that’s it for my Jolse Haul! Have any of you tried these products or ordered from Jolse before? Let me know in the comments!