January 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone!

January has been quite a busy month for me! Because of this, I haven’t been changing up my makeup routine all that much this month, haha. There are a few things that have been my go-to products and today I’m going to share this with you!

The first product is the Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette!


This palette has such beautiful eyeshadows that I find that I’ve been reaching for it almost daily. In particular I’ve been using Dive and Fix (the two left-most shadows) tons! Like the rest of the eyeshadows I own from Urban Decay, these are really high quality and are so easy to wear!


I’ve also really been loving my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! It’s so easy to travel with and I have taken it with me on every trip I’ve been on since I received it. I use this every single day and it really shows in my picture, haha.

Fashion Favorites:


I have been loving this pair of brown booties my boyfriend got me! The color is beautiful and I always get complements when I wear them! And for being heeled, they are actually quite comfortable. I can wear them all day at school without my feet hurting at all, so I’ve been wearing them quite a bit!


I got this Hollister jacket on clearance last summer and had been eyeing jackets like this for a while now, but I have no idea why I didn’t buy it sooner! I wear this almost every day because it goes with just about everything in my closet. It’s also perfect for layering because it’s lightweight and I can choose to wear a sweater underneath or the jacket on its own.

Non-beauty Extra:

Fantasy Life 3DS

One game I’ve been loving is Fantasy Life for the Nintendo 3DS! This game is so adorable!!! I love cute games, so when I saw pictures of this I knew it was right up my alley. I have been totally obsessed with this game since I got it last Christmas and I really recommend it to any of you that enjoy cute RPG-style games.

That’s it for my January Favorites! What have your favorites been this month? Let me know in the comments!!