February 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about my favorite for this past month.

I cannot believe how fast February flew by! School has been super busy for me, so I haven’t gotten around to doing the reviews I have lined up. I’ll try and get some done this weekend though, I promise!

Anyways, on to the favorites!

Beauty Favorites:

First up is the VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap, which came in the Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Memebox.


This face wash is so gentle! I have quite sensitive skin and this hasn’t caused me to break out of get any red spots on my face, which is great! It also feels great on the skin and isn’t too drying, so I’ve really been loving it lately! I only use this at night, since I shower in the morning and this style of packaging isn’t really that great for the shower. I’ll have a full review of this product soon!

Next is the e.l.f. Angled Eyeliner Brush. This is part of their studio collection.


I’ve seen this style of brush around a lot but I didn’t understand how it would make lining my eyes easier. It looked like it would just make things more difficult, haha. However, once I tried this, I realized why people us this style of brush so much! It makes using gel liner a breeze! Even cat eyes are easier using this brush. And the brush itself is pretty great quality for the price. I really recommend it!

Another item I’ve been loving is the Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette that I got in my Pony Memebox.


I just love the colors in this! They’re so sparkly and pretty and are easy to wear! And the brush included is actually useable, which is a plus! The pink and the purple are really making me excited for spring too! I’ve been using the palette quite a bit this month, and I have a review and an eye makeup tutorial for this coming soon!

My last beauty favorite is the Shara Shara Lemon Honey All-In-One Cream, from the same Memebox as the cleanser.


This smells so good! Light and fresh, haha. It also absorbs really easily into the skin, so I use it almost every day! That’s rare feat for me, since I can get really lazy about putting on body lotion. I really wanna try some of the other scents this comes in, but I’m going to wait until I run out of this first. I will have a full review of this coming soon!

Fashion Favorites:

What I’ve really been loving (besides my favorites¬†from last month– still wearing those a ton!), is this sweatshirt from Forever 21.


(Like my whale blanket?? So cute!)

This sweatshirt is so cute!! I love gray and I love floral print, so this fit right in with all my other clothes, haha. It’s a really nice lightweight material which is great for where I live (we don’t get snow or anything like that during the winter), and it feels really well constructed for how cheap it was ($22.90). If you’re interested, you can still buy it from their website here.

One thing I do want to say though is that the sleeves are a little on the tight side. If you don’t like how that feels, I would suggest going a size up. Otherwise, it’s great! I’ve worn it quite a lot this month!

Non-beauty Extra:

Non-no Magazine! (pictures from my copy of the April 2015 issue)


Non-no is a young women’s fashion magazine published by Shueisha in Japan. I have been reading this magazine since I started college (a long time ago), and I really love it! The always have such fashionable outfits! The style is also really girly, which I enjoy because I don’t see that as much where I live.


I also love the hair and makeup tips/ideas too! It’s just really fun for me to read and gives me a chance to practice my Japanese.


If you have a Japanese bookstore where you can pick one up, I highly recommend it! They’re a lot of fun!

That’s it for my favorites this month! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!