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Memebox I’m Lip Liquid Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to review the Memebox I’m Lip Liquids that came in my K-Drama Makeup Box! I received two beautiful, bright colors, PK603 and RD600.

I'm Lip Liquids 1I'm Lip Liquids 2

Memebox describes these as intensely pigmented glosses that you can wear blended out for natural looks or fully layered for a more intense look! And boy, they aren’t kidding about these glosses packing the pigment! You can blend a few small dots of these onto your lips and they will cover them completely in a super smooth, pigmented layer!

I'm Lip Liquid PK603 pic 1

Like this!

Memebox also says that these glosses have 3 different ingredients to nourish your lips: Manuka Honey, Argan oil, and Rosehip oil. Personally when you wear them sheered out, I don’t feel like these are all that hydrating, and if your lips are already dried out (like mine are right now), it can be uncomfortable. But I will say that they wear very comfortably when my lips aren’t as dry as the Saharah! And when you wear them fully opaque, that’s when you feel the hydrating powers of the oils! They wear very comfortably for around 5 hours with minimal eating/drinking, leaving behind a pretty staining effect.

I'm Lip Liquid Swatch 1I'm Lip Liquid Swatch 2

Left to Right: PK603, RD600 in artificial light and natural light, respectively.

I will say that they don’t really set at all, so they transfer to other things really easily. I would be careful when wearing this cause if you absentmindedly touch it, it may smear all over the place, haha.

The Verdict:

With all that being said, I really do enjoy these (PK603 is my favorite!) and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a glossy liquid-lipstick type of product. And these are so amazingly pigmented too!

Have any of you tried these before? Do you want to try them? Let me know in the comments!

Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 Palette Review and Swatches (Updated Formula)

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to review the last thing I bought from Memebox last month that I mentioned in my last unboxing post! I had been wanting to buy this palette for a long time, so when they updated the formula and had it on sale for $15, I jumped at the chance!

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 open

This palette has eight eyeshadows total, with four shadows being matte formulas (Easy shadows), two glitter (Shine shadows), and two shimmer (Glam shadows).

The formula on these eyeshadows seem to have the same pigmentation as the previous formula did, but I’ve noticed that I get a little bit less fallout from this as compared to the original. The shine shades are super glittery, so fallout was expected, haha. However, the matte shades and the glam shades I don’t seem to have an issue with. This formula also isn’t as pigmented as brands like Urban Decay, but I think that makes them super easy to work with, especially for beginners!

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 Swatches 1

From Left to Right: Easy Base, Easy Shade, Easy Brown, Easy Charcoal

Pony Shine Easy Glam 1 Swatches 2

From Left to Right: Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold, Glam Espresso, Glam Cocoa

The matte shades are actually some of my favorite shades in the palette! They are super buttery and smooth, and blend super easily. Easy Shade is my favorite color out of all of the shadows, and I like to use it in my crease.

I truly am glad I bought this palette and have been using it almost every day since I got it!

The Verdict:

I love this palette! This is a great everyday palette and the shadows are just so easy to work with. I recommend picking this up if you get the chance!

Have any of you guys tried this palette? Let me know in the comments!

Cala Brushes Review

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to review a few brushes I picked up at the swapmeet! Initially, I wasn’t going to review them, but I decided to after realizing just how much I like them!

Cala Brushes

As you can tell already this is a favorable review, but I wasn’t expecting to like these so much when I first picked them up. I bought three brushes, and all of them were under $3 each, so I didn’t expect too much.

These brushes are by the brand Cala, and they are all from their Eco- Friendly Bamboo line. They are very reminiscent of the EcoTools brushes in appearance, all the way up to their packaging! (I threw it away before I decided to review…oops.)

All of these brushes are extremely soft and gentle on my eye area, which is way better quality than I was expecting for the price!

Cala 404 brush

The first brush I bought was the 404 Brow/Liner brush, which I have been using on my brows and really loving! The bristles are stiff enough to deposit color precisely.

Cala 405 brush

The next brush I bought was the 405 Shading brush. This brush has been great for packing color onto the lid, especially for some of my more shimmery eyeshadows that tend to have a lot of fallout. It picks up pigment very well!

Cala 415 brush

The last brush I bought is the 415 Crease brush. This one is my favorite of the bunch! It blends color into the crease for a really soft appearance, and for my eye shape/lid space it works great! I will say if you have smaller lids or like a stiffer blending brush this one might not be for you. But it’s so cheap it’s worth a try!

The Verdict:

I love these brushes! I truly cannot rave about them enough! I know for sure I am going to try more the next time I go the swapmeet, haha. If you see them, I highly recommend giving them a shot since they are amazing quality for the price.

Have any of you tried this brand before? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Review

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to review the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA++++, which I recently bought in Japan. As you all know, I really love Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse, and since I couldn’t find it, I decided to try out another sunscreen from Biore instead!


This sunscreen is really lightweight, with a light, watery texture (hence the name “watery essence”) and absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves a slight cooling sensation for a few seconds after it absorbs, which I think feels really good!

This sunscreen also has great sun protection and doesn’t leave a white cast, despite the high SPF, which is great as well. It can be used both under makeup and by itself! It’s really hydrating so I really love how it feels on my skin!

However, I’ve noticed that my skin has been irritated lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of this, but I’ve paired down my skincare to the products I know don’t irritate me and waited for it to calm down before using this daily again. So far it seems ok, but I’ll update this post if it turns out to truly be irritating my skin.

The Verdict:

I really like how this feels! and for those of you who don’t have sensitive skin like me, I recommend giving this a try! It’s super affordable and works really well. But I think I’m going to go back to the Watery Mousse version instead, since I know it works well with my skin.

Have you used this before? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Update 9/2/2015: My favorite sunscreen (Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse) has been discontinued. 🙁 I don’t have backups so I guess I’ve got to find my holy grail sunscreen again! And I’ve decided to stop using this on my face. I’m pretty sure my skin doesn’t agree with it.

Does anyone know of any sunscreens similar in formula to this one? Let me know if you do, cause I need the suggestions!

Pony X Memebox Pony Blossom Lipstick Review & Swatches


Today I’m going to review the Pony X Memebox Pony Blossom Lipstick in #2 Spring Romance! It can be bought on Memebox’s website for $12.


This is a semi-matte lipstick in a deep burgundy shade. The packaging is just as beautiful as the Shine Easy Glam 3 Palette packaging, with a floral print box! The actual lipstick bullet is in a beautiful package as well; it’s white with both Pony and the shade number on the outside in a holographic finish.


This lipstick glides on easily and has a lightweight feel. It’s not completely opaque on first swipe, but it looks beautiful both sheered out and fully opaque! It lasts around 5 hours on me without eating and drinking, but it does get a little dry around hour 3, so prepping with lip balm is essential!

Other than that this lipstick is awesome! It’s such a beautiful color and has this really nice fruity scent to it!

The Verdict:

I love this lipstick! I particularly like semi-matte and matte finish lipsticks, and this one has a great texture that’s easy to apply! If you are looking to add a deep burgundy shade to your lipstick collection I really recommend this!

Have you tried anything from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately! I really meant to review the Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad (in #1 Brown Bloom) for a while now, but school got super busy this past month.

So, today I’m going to review it for you guys!


First of all, isn’t the packaging for this gorgeous?! I’m totally in love with the gold and white combo! Even the box it comes in has a beautiful floral print that just screams spring! The gold part is a magnet for fingerprints though.


This palette comes with four eyeshadows (at 6.5g total, including the packaging). You can purchase it for $18 at the Memebox website. These eyeshadows have quite a unique texture, as they feel sort of buttery and creamy, but are still really soft. There are two glam shades (shimmery) and two shine shades (glittery). This palette has a good balance of shades for all sorts of looks, whether it’s for day or night.


From left to right: Glam Nude Beige, Shine Brown, Glam Fair Brown, and Shine Midnight Brown

I will say that all of these shades have some glitter in them. The shade Glam Nude Beige is matte with glitters, and Glam Fair Brown has a really intense glittery finish. That being said, there is a lot of fallout with these shadows, so I would recommend doing your eye makeup before any foundation or base makeup. Using a sponge tipped applicator is also recommended.

I do really love the shade selection though! I feel like they are all easy to wear and look really really pretty! If you love glitter and shimmery shades, this is a definite winner!

I feel like the lasting power on my oily eyelids is also good, but I still use a primer underneath to help the shadows stay vibrant all day.

The Verdict: I love this palette! The colors are gorgeous! But I would say that you can’t apply it all willy-nilly. They require a bit more care so that you don’t have glitter all over the place. If you don’t like shimmer and glitter, I wouldn’t recommend this palette, but for those of us that do (like me), it’s definitely worth the price!

What do you guys think? Are you interested in this palette? Let me know in the comments!

echoice Pure Lily & Shea Butter Hand Therapy Review

Hello everyone!

This post is long overdue, but I thought it would be worth writing anyways.

Today I’m going to review the echoice Pure Lily & Shea Butter Hand therapy! I got this as part of the Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Memebox and my first impression of this hand cream wasn’t really all that great. It seemed way too floral for me to use, but I’m happy to say that after using it more, I don’t get headaches from the fragrance! Yay!


This hand cream has a very strong floral fragrance which is pleasant, but some people might not like it. It does fade away after a while too.

It is a slightly thick hand cream that is quite moisturizing, so I find that I have been using it more frequently than I expected! And the size of this cream (60g!) is great for the price! I found it on eBay for $5 (which is more than Memebox said it was worth, but still reasonable). I’ve paid a lot more for hand creams that are only 30g, so I think this hand is a great value if you enjoy the scent!

The Verdict: I’m really happy with this hand cream! Once I knew the smell wouldn’t bother me, I’ve been really pleased with it! I don’t know if I’ll but it again since I like to try new hand creams, but I’ll definitely use this up! I would just be wary of the smell for those who are sensitive.

Have any of you tried this hand cream? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Pony X Memebox Easy Mix Block Blush Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to do a review of the Pony X Memebox Easy Mix Block Blush in the shade Galaxy Pink, which was part of the Pony Box I got a while back.

This blush is $12 on the Memebox website and only comes in one shade, although I hope they release future shades of it! It’s a baby peachy pink color with a very soft and natural finish. I can’t tell if it’s a satin or a matte finish, but it’s so subtle it doesn’t really matter too much.


The formula is a bit powdery and sheer, but can be built up quite easily. It also has a slightly floral, sweet scent that I can’t really place, but I really love! It reminds me of the Benefit boxed blushes.


I’ve really been loving this blush! I have been reaching for it quite often in the past month! The only downside is that the shade is really quite pale. I don’t see this working very well on people with darker skin tones. I feel like it either won’t show up or it has the potential to look chalky if built up.

The Verdict: I think this blush is wonderful for those that have fairer skins and are looking for a natural blush for everyday! However, I really wish there was another shade that would look good on people with darker skin. So unless you’re quite pale, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Have you tried this blush? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


Memebox I’m Lip Tint Balm Review and Swatches


Today I’m going to review Memebox’s I’m Lip Tint Balm in the shade #01 True Red. This was part of the Pony X Memebox Box and the balm can be purchased on the Memebox website for $7.

This product is a tinted lip balm and comes in a black, glossy tube. I really like the packaging as it feels really sturdy in my hand and I don’t feel like the cap will come off in my bag. That would not be fun to clean up!


The version I got was the red color, which was more tinted than I anticipated. Most of the time balms like this seem to hardly produce any color on my lips, so I was really happy with how this one looks. However, it might not show up well on those with very pigmented lips or darker skintones. It’s really lightweight and feels slick and smooth on the lips. It kind of reminds me of the same texture that the Loreal Colour Riche Balms have. It does have a slightly sweet scent, but it’s very light.


Since this is a tinted balm, I thought I’d show you guys some before and after lip swatches as well as the arm swatch. This way you can get a feel for how sheer this may be on you.


I really have been enjoying this product! I find that I reach for it often, especially when I can’t be bothered to be careful when applying my lipstick. It’s perfect for everyday wear. It doesn’t last that long (maybe 3 hours without eating), but since it’s a lip balm, that doesn’t bother me.

The Verdict: I love this and I use it all the time! I think it’s great and the price isn’t too high either. I may even consider trying the hot pink version. If you love tinted lip balms, I really recommend you try this out!

Have you guys tried this? What are some of your favorite tinted lip balms? Let me know in the comments!

VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap Review


Today I’m going to talk to you about the VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap, which came in the Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Memebox and was one of my February favorites!

This soap is a cream cleanser that comes in a tub form (100 mL). A spatula is also included to keep things hygienic! It’s not available on Memebox’s website, but I did see it for sale on Amazon from the seller seoulglamour here.


First of all, I really love the details on the packaging! The small spatula is really thoughtful and I will definitely keep this when I run out of the cleanser to use with other products! The lid has a really adorable print around the rim, along with the cute style of the labels.

IMG_1100image (1)

(That vine print is so cute!! I wish it was easier to take a picture of!) 

This face wash is very creamy and very gentle and is great for sensitive skin. This cleanser also smells really good. It’s kind of citrusy and fresh! I love using it at night and I haven’t had any issues with my skin feeling extra dry after. Since I have really sensitive skin, this has been really awesome for me because I haven’t gotten any pimples or red spots, which is great!! Many cleansers cause me to get small spots all over my face, so I’m always really happy when I find one that works.

The Verdict: I really love this. It has quickly become a favorite of mine! I wish it was more widely available, though.

Have any of you tried this? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments!!