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Small Shopping Haul!

Hello everyone!

I’ve done some shopping recently, both online and at the mall. So, I’m going to show you what I got today!

The first place I bought some stuff from is the eBay shop AlphabeautyUK.


I got some more of my favorite sunscreen, the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base. This is probably my fourth or fifth tube of this stuff! It’s definitely my favorite facial sunscreen! I’ve found that sunscreens from the US are always really greasy and don’t sit well under makeup, so when I tried this I was hooked! It sets matte and also has a really nice citrusy scent.


The next thing I got was this silicone face mask, by Daiso. It can be used over a regular sheet mask to help it stay on your face and also keep it from drying out too quickly. I just thought it would be super fun to try after seeing a few YouTubers using them. I’ve used it already and I really like it! A lot of sheet masks don’t stay on my chin very well, but this helped a lot.

It looks absolutely terrifying though! Hahaha


The last thing I got from the store was a microfiber hair turban. I got the color Macaron Purple, which is super pretty! I figured this would be good to use around the house or when I’m on trips, since I don’t want to walk around with a huge towel on my head. I don’t blow dry my hair (I’m too lazy), so I thought this would be good to keep it from dripping all over the place, haha.

At the same time, I ordered an eyeshadow palette from f2plus1 on eBay (also known as I got the Etude House Give Me Chocolate Shadow in the shade #2 Salted Caramel.


I think this looks so adorable! The shades are really pretty too! The packaging is stronger than the last chocolate themed eyeshadow palette I bought from Etude House (the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes palette), which is good. This is so nice and travel friendly!

I also picked up some hair clips from H&M.


Nothing too fancy, but the price and size were good ($2.95 for a set of 4).

The last thing I bought was this floral maxi skirt from Hollister.


I’ve never owned a maxi skirt or dress, but when I saw this one I thought it was super cute so I tried it on. I loved it! So it came home with me, haha. I also got it 40% off in store, but you can still buy it here for full price. I would try to get it on sale first though.

That’s it for my haul! I’m really happy with all my purchases, haha.

Have you guys bought anything recently? What was it? Let me know in the comments!

My Favorite Looks for Spring!


Today I want to share with you some spring fashion inspiration! I love spring fashion so much! All of the stores start carrying pastels and beautiful floral prints and it just makes me want to go shopping!

So, I thought I’d look at what’s popular in my Japanese magazines and then try to recreate them for you here!

The first roundup is based on this outfit worn by the model Mirei Kiritani. I feel like this outfit is great when it’s still cold out, but you could substitute the sweater for a lighter top once it gets warmer. 2015-4 1

My version:

Sweet Spring

Items can be found by clicking below:


I really love this outfit as well! I thought it was great for days when it’s still a little chilly in the mornings. 2015-4 3

My version:

Pretty Floral

Items can be found by clicking below (except the dress):


This next outfit would also be great during the summertime! Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with floral prints? 2015-4 2

My version:

Spring Floral

Items can be found by clicking below:


This last outfit is a little on the simple side, but still gives that spring feel! 2015-4 4

My version:

Simple Yellow

Items can be found by clicking below:


I decided to include an option for more casual days (on the left) and one for slightly dressier events (on the right) without being over the top.

So that’s what styles I’ve been loving for spring! I know they’re super girly, so they won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I find them really fun!

Where do you get your inspiration for spring fashion? Is your style as girly as mine? Let me know in the comments!!