Cala Brushes Review

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to review a few brushes I picked up at the swapmeet! Initially, I wasn’t going to review them, but I decided to after realizing just how much I like them!

Cala Brushes

As you can tell already this is a favorable review, but I wasn’t expecting to like these so much when I first picked them up. I bought three brushes, and all of them were under $3 each, so I didn’t expect too much.

These brushes are by the brand Cala, and they are all from their Eco- Friendly Bamboo line. They are very reminiscent of the EcoTools brushes in appearance, all the way up to their packaging! (I threw it away before I decided to review…oops.)

All of these brushes are extremely soft and gentle on my eye area, which is way better quality than I was expecting for the price!

Cala 404 brush

The first brush I bought was the 404 Brow/Liner brush, which I have been using on my brows and really loving! The bristles are stiff enough to deposit color precisely.

Cala 405 brush

The next brush I bought was the 405 Shading brush. This brush has been great for packing color onto the lid, especially for some of my more shimmery eyeshadows that tend to have a lot of fallout. It picks up pigment very well!

Cala 415 brush

The last brush I bought is the 415 Crease brush. This one is my favorite of the bunch! It blends color into the crease for a really soft appearance, and for my eye shape/lid space it works great! I will say if you have smaller lids or like a stiffer blending brush this one might not be for you. But it’s so cheap it’s worth a try!

The Verdict:

I love these brushes! I truly cannot rave about them enough! I know for sure I am going to try more the next time I go the swapmeet, haha. If you see them, I highly recommend giving them a shot since they are amazing quality for the price.

Have any of you tried this brand before? Let me know what you think in the comments!